We recently made a cornice that was so long, we couldn’t even find wood long enough to make it out of once piece! We had to construct it out of two pieces for a total of 162″ long. We planned for the divide to be off center to keep the focal point, the center of the cornice, flat and hide any possible signs that the cornice was made out of two pieces of wood.

The two pieces of board had to be perfectly matched for an even connection, which we hinged with piano hinges.During transportation, we used wooden braces to keep everything together and safe. Once we were in home and ready to install, we reinforced the hinges with double metal braces.

The great weight and cumbersome size makes this a two person job. To keep the fabric pattern straight, we pinned it to the board with tacks before we affixed it permanently to the board. When it was finished, our leading designer gave the cornice a careful look over. Thankfully, the design of the pattern made it easier to check that everything is lined up straight.

Dao Zhou

Drapery Designs

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