We challenged ourselves to find a new approach to the box valances for an original  design. We redesigned the contrasting overlay to meet in the middle by increasing the overlap, and changed the straight silhouette for a graceful curved edge. The elegant aesthetic of this design was paired with fully functional black out drapes for light control and a sheer underlay for diffused sunlight and privacy.

The guest bedroom was an interesting design challenge. A coverlet and dust ruffle wouldn’t be supported by the construction of this day bed. The side rails impeded the drape of the hand-tucked coverlet, so we added an open gusset for a smooth drape. The day bed frame was missing side support for the dust ruffle, so we added wooden bars on either side of the mattress frame to mount the dust ruffle.

This project was commissioned by Lisa Studio and fabricated by Drapery Designs.

Dao Zhou

Drapery Designs

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