Cushions are an aspect of interior design often overlooked and underdone. Quality workmanship in such a vital aspect of interior design is imperative to the longevity and comfort of your home.
Here at Drapery Designs, we hold ourselves to the highest standard in everything we make, and it shows in our results. We always have a nice variety of foams to work with, indoor and outdoor to suite whatever needs clients bring our way; and we always work with the highest quality and density foam so we can give our clients a 10 year foam warranty.
From the inside invisible details to the outer display, our quality standards never drop. When fabricating the cover, we not only match the patterns of all face seams, we have over 50 different color zippers to match whatever material comes our way. We serge all seam edges for maximum durability, all foam is wrapped in Dacron for a smooth crown and our cover corners are sewn to fit the foam and keep it in good shape. Window seats, chair and bench cushions, whatever our clients need, we create. Certain projects require our workroom to create templates on site to fit a unique window seat shape, and we are meticulous in our work. One project was especially challenging: a custom made window seat that needed oversized cushions required our workroom to come on site to custom create the template. We were confident in our meticulously crafted pattern that we sent off the foam to be custom cut by the manufacturer while we fabricated the cover in our workroom. As expected, the foam and the cover fit together perfectly.  Drapery Designs strives for excellence, and will take extra steps and not cut corners for a perfect result. Whether working with an interior designer or a home owner, our workroom is ready to serve your needs. Our workroom is fully equipped with the best tools and equipment, and our fabricator has over 25 years experience in the field. With the right equipment, right fabricator and right attitude, Drapery Designs can make any cushions perfect for your home.




Dao Zhou

Drapery Designs