This home was very contemporary in its style, so to keep to the design we knew we had to maintain continuous lines and simple silhouettes. The client loved the style of ripple fold drapes, and wanted something simple as a soft background for her contemporary furniture and light fixtures. We helped her select a simple soft sheer that wouldn’t overwhelm her interior design and designed the panels for maximum fullness. There was only one problem- there was no room for the ripple fold hardware. The window was directly adjacent to the crown molding that bordered the room. We had the decision of either changing the style to comply with the hardware available or we could give the customer what she wanted. At Drapery Designs we strive for excellence and customer satisfaction, so we picked the unconventional route and asked the contractor for an unconventional installation. He moved the crown molding forward so we could mount the panels behind and hide the hardware.  Our design choice yielded a continuous, streamlined result and a very satisfied customer.


Dao Zhou

Drapery Designs