Drapery Designs is the proud winner of the Window Fashion Vision International Ingenuity Workroom Competition!

This January we headed west to be awarded second place of Curtains and Draperies in Las Vegas, Nevada. We were so privileged to attend the event, we learned so much about our own field and made valuable connections with the new designers and vendors we met there.

We connected with several companies, including The Network, Sherman and Williams, and several hardware vendors. The Network is one of the leading networks in America’s window treatment business, and we are excited to work with them more in the future. Sherman and Williams recently sent us their whole color collection, which is now on display in our showroom. We were surprised at how popular motorized hardware was at the conference this year; almost all of the vendors were selling the latest in automated hardware. We connected with several vendors and plan on expanding our collection to include a variety of motorized supplies.

We were only there for part of the conference and therefore only participated in a few workshops, but we learned so much! We attended talks on Social Networking and how to use it to expand our company, as well as several workroom oriented workshops. We learned about creative techniques for modern pillows and shades. We also attended a demonstration of a variety of hardware fixtures to show how much weight each type of screw etc. could hold up.

One event that we found inspiring was a collection of artisan window coverings- A handful of display booths were decorated by volunteer designers for unconventional but innovative designs that might not be the best for your home, but certainly inspiring for the other designers.

Overall the event was very informative and  inspiring, we were encouraged and look forward to implementing our new knowledge and contacts in the new year. We look forward to attending future conferences and hopefully will create something new this year with our gained knowledge to enter in the competition next year.


Dao Zhou

Drapery Designs