Gaithersburg, MD. Kentlands Community-  This project was a great example of the variety of ways we work with our clients. Sometimes clients come in and have everything picked out already and only need us to fabricate their design, sometimes they come in with no idea what they’re looking for. We can work with whatever we are given to do, so when this client came to us with her own material and the need for privacy and light control in her bedroom we got down to designing. A transitional styled bedroom, newly renovated, the client selected a soft neutral material for the drapes. We suggested pinch pleats, which are the most durable design and space efficient for everyday use. The hardware was the most challenging aspect of this project. With four unevenly spaced windows, we suggested one wall of drapes rather than splitting it in half with four panels per section. We had to puzzle out the spacing of the brackets in a way that would provide stable support but not prevent the transitional style of the wall of curtains. We selected a wonderful 1″ iron rod with a russette finish from K Scope Hardware in Canada. The client was so pleased with the arrangement that she asked us to work on her bathroom next. Drapery Designs is here to work with you, wherever you are in the design process, to make your ideas a reality.


Dao Zhou

Drapery Designs