McLean, VA. This project was the result of collaboration between the designers at Hollis and Knight Interior Designers and Drapery Designs.  The owners of this estate wanted something luxurious, but tastefully conservative, in the framing of their family room windows. Their only requirement was refined decadence. Hollis and Knight Interior Designers designed the window treatment and asked us to fabricate with their material because of our reputation for excellence and exceptional workmanship.

The panels were custom made with 3X width for rich deep folds, with double 2″ side hems to match the wide trims on leading edges. We increased the bottom hems from 4″ to 6″ and the buckram heading to 5″. Due to the thickness of the multiple layers, the heading was hand-finished. The lining and interlining are designed floor to ceiling with hidden seams for a smooth result. Overlaps for this pair of panels are 7.5″ to match the trim, the icing on the cake. The hand-stitched trim was carefully selected from hundreds of options for its luxurious 7.5″ width and elegant embroidery to bring these panels to the next level.  As always, we fan fold all pleated panels to give a softer drape to the folds when hung and steams all window treatments after installation. In the end it’s all the little details adding up that establish our reputation and ensure satisfaction in the result.

Dao Zhou

Drapery Designs