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A Balanced Yellow

Rockville, MD.  A dining room is the perfect place for a warm color palette, and what better way to add color but with drapes? Yellow warmed up this room fast, and the dark contrasting trim kept the yellow from being overwhelming and complemented the statement original art piece the family displays in their dining room.…

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The Go-To Play: Relaxed Roman Shades

During our latest project in Germantown, we incorporated both functionality and exquisiteness with the style of the relaxed Roman shades. As the main feature in this window covering project, the shades took on the inside mount position and allowed the sun rays to penetrate fully into the sitting room.  In addition, the elegant interlined fabric not…

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Thinking Inside (the Window Casings)

Traditionally, valances are mounted outside of the window case; however, traditions aren’t always the conventionality. During this home office project, letting her creativity take over, the designer chose to mount the valances inside the wooden frames. As a result, the valance is longer than usual and it is a better proportional fit to the high…

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Lakeland Clubhouse: Live for the Today

In our latest project with the Lakeland Clubhouse, we managed to transform an old crown jewel into a contemporary masterpiece with our adaptation of the transition style. Decorated in the alternating patterns of red and yellow,  our charmingly-knitted pillows and elegantly-design box-pleated valance rejuvenated the decor of the entire living room; not to mention that they are…

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Pillow to Valance Transformation

So your client in love with a PILLOW CASE…and wants to frame it on their windows. Designer Lynni ingeniously framed the case with ruffled silk for a remarkably sophisticated finish. Notice how the ruffles on top smoothly transitions to the pillow case. It takes careful craftsmanship (and gratuitous amounts of inter-layered tacks) to evenly distribute…

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Exclusive Original Design by Dao Zhou

With a ceiling reaching 20 feet, the dark-colored furniture against light walls pulls attention to the ground, making a fully furnished room feel empty. Solution: we created a large, dark valance on top to balance out the room. We broke up the valance into four pieces, attached silk-accent pieces to the top, and added open-braid…

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